I should be studying for my Bar License exam tomorrow but instead I’m listening to Manchester Orchestra on vinyl and eating an unhealthy amount chocolate.
This is not going to end well


List of things Jaime has thrown out a window.
1. Bran
2. His character development

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it’s st george’s day today and nobody seems to give a shit which is sad

Isn’t is aggravating how English people get more excited about St Patrick’s? That bugs me to no end.

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I’m not a misandrist I have man friends and sometimes I even read books by men I’m very open minded

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  • bisexuals cannot enter a building without a verbal invitation from the owner
  • bisexuals cannot wade through moving water. however, they can cross over it or under it.
  • garlic may or may not repel bisexuals depending on their nationality.
  • contrary to popular belief, bisexuals will not burst into flames in sunlight. they are merely nocturnal, and while sunlight is disorienting, it will not destroy them

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